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Allah in Wonderland Yahovah Mohammed Simulator Light Glorious Quran
Allah in Wonderland Yahovah Mohammed Simulator Light Glorious Quran
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Who created the 

The Surrender (The Muslims)

The Qur’an tells us, that
Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah
‘Said to the universe,
when it was ‘smoke’
Do you come willingly or loathing?
They answered,
We have surrendered!
Do as you Will, Our Lord.’

So Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah
filled the dimensions
with matter, creating seven heavens.

The lower Heaven is our Universe and
The other heavens are in the higher dimensions.

Why do I know this?

Because I am
and you are
the descendants of
Adam (peace be on him) and
Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah
taught Adam  the names of everything in creation.

It is only the children of Adam who will conquer
all regions of the universe and beyond
and become companions of the Gardens of Delight
reserved for us in the higher Dimensions.

But first we have to find our Guardian Lord,
In the Super Reality Simulator
called Earth.

Let there be Light!

Into this multi Dimensional Void
The Lord of the Universe creates Light

The Qur’an tells us that
‘At “His” Command, when “He” decrees a thing
Is that “He” says only
“And  it is!”

The thing is in existence.
This is the rock which Moses struck.
The twelve clefts on it, represent the twelve springs.
Locals claim that on occasion water will still flow from the rock
The squirrel chases the acorn,
endlessly because the animators
cannot think beyond their limited
imagination and senses..
James Cameron’s masterpiece “Avatar” quickly becomes a replay of
superstition and idolatry even though it took him decades to
conceive Planet Pandora has outstretched the limits of
Human imagination.
The walnut tree
When Moses
asked his newly found God,
‘Oh Lord,
Show yourself clearly to me.’
Yahweh answered,
‘Do you doubt?’

Moses replied,
‘No! But I wish to content my heart.’

So Yahovah said,
‘You cannot see me!

But gaze on the distant mountain,
I will descend my Countenance on it,
If it bares me,
then I will stand
in front of you plainly.

When YaAllah descended on the
Mountain, it crushed in tiny pieces
and the earthquake
rendered Moses

Clockwork Universe

I remember getting into a disagreement with my
Lecturer, when I tried to explain to him,

that the Universe is not a watch,

made by a watchmaker.

I suggested,
what if there was a walnut in the bag,
instead of a man made watch, and
you never new where the walnut came from.

You can smash it into tiny fragments
and re-assemble them
but the parts will never let on,
who their mother is!
The walnut tree!

In like manner
The particles pulverised by the Large Hadron Collider
can never yield the answer to
‘how the universe is put together’.

But it can reveal the binding of the universe, and the
Secrets of Space and Time.

The clockwork universe is only a temporary
Aberration in the pursuit of knowledge by mankind.

Herein is wisdom,
Extracted from a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.


So we will never know how the universe came
About from the data spurred by these Particle
Accelerators because they are limited by the
physical boundaries of the observable field.
In other words,
the only thing we can do with the data is compare.
By comparing particles
we can never look outside the ‘box’.

Virtual Reality
Just as Disney animators keep hitting the boundary
of their imagination, and they create a virtual world
of animation.
They go off at a tangent with an idea, until the viewer
Ends up with a head ache because in the real world
such linear events don’t happen.

Perceived Reality
Film producers give us a taste of reality,
but again,
the limits of imagination leaves their work of Art
lacking, even though they may have spent decades to
put together a master piece.

The present Reality
The universe is in a state of
Constantly revolving,

‘Like a circle in a spiral
Or a wheel within a wheel,

Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind’

The Super Reality
To dismiss the sacred texts and
their author on an ill fated prejudice
is neither clever nor wise
But most people do just that.

You can never know how the universe is put together,
if you never want to consider,
who it’s creator is.

So after five decades of research,
I have come to conclude that the Qur’an and
the earlier Sacred texts, including
the Torah, the Bible have answered the
Big Question of Who the Creator is.

“He” is
Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah.

Now we can begin to understand,
How Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah has
put the universe together.

The Qur’an tells a great deal of knowledge
about this topic, but you have to have an
insight into the Physics of everything.

That makes me,
well suited to answer this question.

So here goes.

Let’s find Allah in Wonderland.

Have you ever considered,
What was there?
before Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah
created anything?

The Qur’an tells us,
that there was only the
Countenance of our Lord of Might and Glory.

The Lord of the Universe was
and is everywhere,
But what is ‘everywhere’?

I’m taking inspirational licence and conjecturing
That based on my limited knowledge
The place where the universe
was about to come
into existence is
in the:
“Mind of
Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah”.

How did the universe come about?
Remember we are dealing with a walnut not a watch!

The first thing that would have to occur is

So the “Mind of Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah”
Had Zero dimension.

The Omnipotent God who is independent of Time
And Space could easily create the

First Dimension by moving the dimensionless Zero
Dimension in any direction.

By moving the ‘one dimensional line’ at right
Angle to itself, an area is created.
Now we have two dimensional empty flat space.

When this area is moved at right angle to itself
We have a volume and three dimensional
Empty space.

Why stop there?
The tremendous Almighty Creator goes on
Creating four Dimension Space and beyond.
When Abraham
asked his newly found God,
‘Oh Lord, how do you give life?’
Yahweh answered,
‘Do you doubt?’

Abraham replied,
‘No! But I wish to content my heart.’

So Yahovah said,
Take four birds,
Chop them into quarters
Then place the pieces on four mounds
Stand in the middle and call out to them.
They will fly to you.

Sure enough,
The birds flew to Abraham,
Bearing no scares.

This is YaAllah’s code
And in this way,
No man can hack “His” code.

Smite the rock with your staff!’

The Qur’an gives all manner of examples
For people of understanding and keen senses,
But most of mankind are complacent and pre-occupied.

When Moses asked for water for his people
The Lord of the Super reality Simulator commanded him
To strike the rock with his staff.
When Moses struck the rock
There gushed forth twelve springs, for the twelve tribes
of the children of Israel.

It was not the staff that had the power to bring forth
the stored water,
Think about it,
If the staff could yield water from nowhere, then where is
the need to strike the rock?

Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah brought the refugees to this point
of the journey, where “He” had already placed stored water
within the rock
Who knows for how many millions of years,
this water was trapped in the rock strata.

The Lord of Creation wants to see if “His” bondmen will
Surrender their will to “Him”, and Moses surrendered his
Will without seeking to question the logic.
The reward was always there.

Hollywood and Disney know more than we are aware.
Wreck it Ralph is a cartoon in which Ralph wrecks a beautiful
building, then along comes ‘Fix it Felix’
With just one strike of his hammer,
He fixes everything that Ralph wrecks.

It is not the hammer that yields such quick fix but the
animator who change the ‘code’,
and makes the building brand new, without any need for
repair with bricks and mortar.

If we can do this
How great is the Creator?

Mount Sinai
where Moses spent forty days and nights learning the wonders of
Yahweh Yahovah YaAllah
in wonderland
These secrets are chronicled in the Books of Moses and Aaron
They are closely guarded secrets of the people who chose to deny
the knowledge from the rest of mankind and thus they became astray.
Hollywood producers seem to know the secrets of our
Universe because they have access to the
‘Books of Moses and Aaron’
dynamite girl!